February 21, 2023
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Clever hidden kitchens and utility rooms

Sara Seymour, Senior Designer at Et Lorem discusses utility, boot and hidden rooms.

Utility and boot rooms are great if you have space, a busy lifestyle, pets and hobbies. This space is the perfect home for your washing machine and tumble dryer, as well as muddy boots, coats and school bags. We design bespoke utility and boot rooms at Et Lorem where there is a separate outdoor access; this is often the first point of entry for day-to-day use so storage and cleaning up spaces are priorities. We have also seen an increase in the need for dog washing facilities.

In the past, the utility room might have included a much more cost-effective furniture to that of the main kitchen. But with this space having to work harder for you as you spend more time there, functionality and aesthetics should share equal importance. If you are buying new appliances for this room, make sure you look at energy ratings to save you money.

We also love the hidden kitchen for those with open plan and multifunctional spaces. If you like to entertain, you will want to shut away used kitchen items and mess, so you can continue enjoying your evening, and clean up later!

Finally, we are seeing many more clients asking for hidden office or study spaces within the kitchen; this is great for those who wish to be in the heart of the home whilst working. People don’t want to be shut away in a study anymore.