Kitchens for New Properties

Silverlake & Lower Mill Estate New Properties

Your new kitchen space has no limits

As the official kitchen supplier for Conservation Builders, we are excited to see your project come to life over the coming months.

Now that your building control plans have been signed off, this is a great time to book your design consultation with us.

Your new property has been designed with a functional kitchen space, included in your building costs. Upgrading your specification has many benefits to be enjoyed by you as the owner and your guests, should you choose to rent the property.

The process enables you to create a kitchen completely different to that of your neighbours, making your property one of a kind.

A personal touch

By investing in your kitchen from the start, you will embark on an exciting journey to create a unique and beautiful kitchen space, designed with your exacting needs in mind.

We start by inviting you to our Reading studio for a personal design consultation. Here we capture a deep understanding of your needs and we will guide you through the entire kitchen process. From your style requirements to your lifestyle and how you will use your property; we can introduce you to products, materials and finishes, that are not only beautiful and durable, but also highly enjoyable to use and easy to maintain.

Our studio has been designed to inspire your kitchen project. With a huge range of samples, and kitchens curated with the finest materials and latest technology, all to show you that from a simple dish, to meals you enjoy in restaurants, they are all achievable in your own home.

Maximise on your investment

You and your guests stay at the Silverlake and Lower Mill estates to escape daily life in an immersive environment, living in the moment with family and friends. ​

​The kitchen is an integral part of the estate’s properties. From the moment of arrival they set the tone for an unforgettable stay.​

From the start your kitchen design journey, we prioritise a kitchen that you feel is worth every penny and one that your guests will pay a premium to experience.

The properties have been priced competitively with a modest specification kitchen, in order to keep costs down for you. The benefit of this, is that it gives you the flexibility to upgrade your kitchen to your taste.

A space that flows

Boot and utility rooms, media units and home offices; designed in harmony with your kitchen, provide a cohesive flow to your property.

We can help with these aspects of your property during your design consultation, should you wish to add them to your build.

Having one team involved in these elements, whilst fitting your kitchen simplifies the process, as they can be fitted at the same time, with one point of contact to manage the entire installation.

Committed teams

We have a close working relationship with the Conservation Builders team and have completed hundreds of kitchen properties across Silverlake and Lower Mill estates. This has has allowed us to hone an exacting process, that ensures the success of your project.

We have a thorough understanding of working on each property type, which means we know exactly what is possible for your property and can introduce you to many design possibilities for your space.

Why upgrade your kitchen?

By upgrading your kitchen, your options are limitless as to what you can achieve.

Finishes such as burned wood, ceramic and metal make your kitchen bespoke to your exacting tastes. And with anti-scratch, to fingerprint-less finishes and highly durable materials, our furniture upgrades ensure your kitchen will last the test of time.

For those who love to be a messy-cook with the latest appliances; Self-cleaning and smart appliances give you the ultimate cooking experience and are easy to clean and maintain, all whilst future-proofing your kitchen technology.

You may also choose to add an outdoor kitchen to your property to elevate your outdoor space and cooking experience.

From concept to reality

Et Lorem have just designed and fitted the most beautiful kitchen for me. Professional, responsive and creative - every member of the team really understand the art of kitchen design and what really works; they are a pleasure to work with.

Tina Alexandrou, Homeowner
Et Lorem
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Things to consider before we meet

We encourage you to think about how you plan to use your kitchen space with friends and family and how it might look. This is the most exciting part.

▢ Do you prefer classic or contemporary design styles?

Are there particular appliances you’d like?

▢ Is this property just for you, or will you rent it out?

Do you have an upgrade budget in mind?

Have you taken inspiration from magazines and social media?

▢ Would you like a consultation with an interior furnishing specialist following your design consultation?

We look forward to starting this exciting process with you.