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Kitchen Spaces Without Limits

If it is time for your kitchen to be upgraded, our passionate team would love to help you enhance your guests experience and achieve the maximum rental potential from your property.

As the official kitchen supplier for both Lower Mill and Silverlake estates, each space is individually created with care, to ensure they will be enjoyed by property owners and guests alike.

Maximise on your investment

Your guests book their stays at the Lower Mill Estate to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in an environment where they can truly recharge and live in the moment with family and friends. ​

​The kitchen is an integral part of the estate’s properties. From the moment of arrival they set the tone for an unforgettable stay.​

​We work very closely with Habitat Escapes and property owners to deliver an exacting kitchen project that your guests will be willing to pay a premium to experience.​

Unforgettable stays

Having worked with the Habitat Escapes team on hundreds of kitchen projects, we have a deep understanding of the aspects of the kitchen your guests will enjoy most.​

​From smart and self-cleaning appliances, to low maintenance materials and durable furniture that is built to last; We work with carefully selected brands to ensure you kitchen is not only unique and beautiful, but also enjoyable to use and easy to maintain for years to come. All specified to suit your budget requirements.​

​We can create a kitchen space where you and your guests will want to return again and again.

A flexible process

Our approach can be as flexible as you wish, depending on how involved in the project you would like to be. We will work with you in a way that suits your lifestyle and personal commitments.​

​Once you are happy with your kitchen design, we can work hand in hand with the Maintenance Team at Habitat Escapes, to manage your project from start to finish, leaving you to simply enjoy the rewards of your investment. ​

​Or should you choose to come on the journey with us, we will be in touch with you every step of the way. The choice is yours, completely.

No loss of revenue

Your installation can take place at any time of year to work around your existing bookings.

By starting your design process now, we can perfect your design, source the best prices and book your installation with little disruption to your calendar.

Our sustainability promise

We take sustainability seriously and care about the impact we have on the world. If you do too, then you can rest assured that we do everything we can to limit our environmental impact and emissions. ​

​We work with partners who share these values and can work with you to make sure your design is as eco-friendly long term as possible.​

Our kitchen space has been maximised and the layout is a triumph; certainly not what we would have envisioned, which is why investing in an Et Lorem design is worth its weight in gold. Above all, we felt our needs were fully understood, our requests taken on board and we were gently encouraged to incorporate some features we may have otherwise dismissed and now absolutely love. Worth. Every. Penny.

Tracy Barnard, Property Owner

Unlock extra rental potential

As well as those with high quality finishes, holiday rentals with outdoor kitchens are fast becoming top of the wish-list, for those looking for a place to stay. Our modular outdoor kitchens are the ideal way for you to add an outdoor cooking and dining experience to your property, along with extra rental potential.


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You’ll have a dedicated designer and project manager working on your kitchen refurbishment from start to the finish, so there’s creative consistency and a personalised customer service at every stage.​ We have an ongoing presence at the Lower Mill, so we are always on hand when you need us.

To discover more about the process and how investing in your property’s upgrades can increase your monthly income potential, contact us and we will be in touch to help you start your journey.

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