Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

About the project

Something unexpected greets you as you make your way up the long and winding drive – a “wow-moment”, with this property of epic proportions that is architecturally so different to anything else around.

You might be mistaken for thinking this is James Bond’s house; in fact it belongs to a wonderful family of six and their three dogs. We aimed to create a space that married seamlessly with the style and sophistication of the home’s striking exterior, which looks like a scene you would expect to see in the movies.

This grand, ultra-contemporary eco-home is a testament to visionary architecture, whilst inside, feels like a family home, full of the client’s personality, interests and memories.

The client engaged with Et Lorem at a very early stage and that enabled us to take the time to create something truly unique to the family, the way they live, and the property that they had designed.

The kitchen space embraces modernity, providing a sleek yet robust aesthetic. Rotpunkt furniture, Dekon surfaces, Gaggenau and BORA appliances were used to create the space, along with a Quooker tap. The BORA hob was strategically positioned to sit exactly central to the Gaggenau ovens, providing a stunning view back into the kitchen from the entertainment deck outside.

Ergonomically, the kitchen is designed to accommodate both the casual cook and the avid entertainer. The large central island, complete with generous seating space, serves as both a preparation area and a dining area. This dual functionality ensures that the kitchen remains the heart of the home, facilitating both intimate family dinners and larger gatherings.

Material selection was critical in achieving the desired contemporary aesthetic while ensuring durability. The finish of the furniture, including a Fenix finish was selected for its soft touch, anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint properties.

Dekton Laurent, with its stunning marble-like appearance, is both heat and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for a high-traffic area like the kitchen. The Rotpunkt furniture in Sherwood Park adds warmth, depth and natural beauty.

Cutting-edge technology is also key to this design. The inclusion of a Kaelo wine cooler within the island and a large wine cooler caters to the clients’ passion for wine collecting, providing optimal storage conditions. Additionally, a bespoke Crittall glass larder adds a touch of industrial chic while offering a practical storage solution.

Several bespoke elements elevate this project, making it truly unique. The kitchen island, featuring a 30-degree angled leg and matching Dekton detailing, echoes the architectural angles of the house, creating a cohesive visual narrative. This thoughtful design choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also demonstrates a deep understanding of the architectural context.

A significant feature of the kitchen is the integration of a portrait tapestry acquired by the client during travels in Singapore. The piece has been strategically placed to serve as a focal point, enriching the space with personal and cultural significance.

In addition, we designed a bespoke frame around the border of the Gaggenau ovens using Dekton Laurent. This detail accentuates the sleek lines of the appliances and ties them seamlessly into the overall design, adding cohesion to the kitchen’s aesthetic.

What sets this project apart is its harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and personal touches; wrapped in 360 degrees of stunning views. The contemporary design, high-end materials, and state-of-the-art technology create a space that is as beautiful as it is practical.

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Et Lorem have just designed and fitted the most beautiful kitchen for me. Professional, responsive and creative – every member of the team really understands the art of kitchen design and what really works. They are a pleasure to work with.”
Tina Alexandrou

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