Welcome to the epitome of cool drink sophistication and convenience – Kaelo wine coolers. Elevating your wine experience to new heights, our partnership with Kaelo introduces a striking and fun accessory to your luxury kitchen or home bar design.

Picture this: you pour the first glass of your favourite wine, and it’s perfectly chilled, just as it should be. But as the evening progresses and you pour another glass, the wine starts to lose its chill, detracting from the experience. With Kaelo, every glass tastes as pristine as the first, ensuring that your wine is always at the optimal temperature for enjoyment.

The concept is simple yet revolutionary. Take a bottle of your preferred wine from the fridge, pour a glass, and place it snugly into your Kaelo wine cooler. Designed with understated elegance, Kaelo seamlessly integrates into your worktop, becoming a focal point of sophistication while guaranteeing quality with every sip.

Whether you open a bottle at 5 degrees or 12 degrees, Kaelo maintains that exact temperature throughout your enjoyment. Kaelo also has an innovative boost mode. Activate boost mode, and within 30 minutes, your bottle will be chilled an additional 3 degrees, providing that refreshing touch to your wine experience.

At the heart of Kaelo is a commitment to enhancing the way you enjoy wine. With Kaelo, you can relax and indulge in the moment, knowing that each glass will be as good as the first.


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