Windsor, Berkshire

About the project

On the fringes of the historic town of Windsor, Berkshire, lies this charming detached gardener’s cottage built in 1900.

We were asked to reimagine the existing living room into a kitchen-diner for our client who sought to infuse their kitchen space with the essence of calm, coastal luxury. Inspired by the soothing air of the ocean and the natural warmth of sandy beaches, our mission was to create a kitchen that harmonised seamlessly with the client’s vision while respecting the historical charm of the property.

The kitchen’s design needed to pay homage to the cottage’s heritage while incorporating modern elements reflective of the client’s aesthetic and living preferences. The challenge lay in working with the property’s reduced ceiling heights and original wood beams, which added character but also presented constraints to the space.

Drawing inspiration from the client’s desire for clean lines, as well as a neutral colour palette reminiscent of coastal tranquillity; we opted for a blend of nudes and whites, with natural timbers. The choice of Rotpunkt’s German furniture in Sand, complemented by Oak internal drawers were selected alongside a stunning sintered stone worktop and floating shelf, with gold accents.

Given the limitations of the reduced ceiling height, traditional high-level cupboards were not an option. Instead, we devised a solution to maximise storage efficiency while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Generous, wide and deep drawers were incorporated into the design, providing ample space for storing kitchen essentials, while a full-width floating shelf added a touch of luxury, allowing our clients the opportunity to display some of their treasured items that were also used as inspiration during the design process with us.

To evoke the serene ambiance of a coastal retreat, we selected a beautiful sintered stone in Calacatta Gold for the worktops, splashback, and floating shelf. Its luxurious appearance, reminiscent of the sun-kissed sands and tranquil waters of the beach, instantly transformed the kitchen into a sanctuary of relaxation.

For the appliances, we opted for a combination of Siemens and Neff, prioritising functionality and aesthetic cohesion. The Siemens hob with downdraft extraction eliminated the need for an overhead extraction hood, allowing for the floating shelf to remain uninterrupted around the space, enhancing visual continuity.

To further enhance the functionality and flow of the space, we integrated a fridge-freezer alongside steam ovens, ensuring that every element of the kitchen was thoughtfully curated to meet the client’s needs. Additionally, we created a double ‘hidden’ doorway through to the utility area, adorned with Buster + Punch handles, seamlessly connecting the kitchen to the utility area while maintaining a sense of separation.

In addition to the kitchen transformation, we extended the cooking experience to the garden with a FÒGHER outdoor kitchen. Constructed with durable materials and equipped with state-of-the-art cooking capabilities, the FÒGHER outdoor kitchen offers a stylish and functional extension of the indoor living space, perfect for enjoying leisurely meals under the open sky or hosting gatherings with friends and family.

Every Et Lorem project is designed and crafted with each individual client in mind. No two kitchen spaces designed by our team are ever the same; So if you have a vision for your own home, visit one of our studios to discuss the possibilities, ask us a quick question, or allow us to get to know you more and you will be matched to your perfect designer.

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Our new kitchen has completely transformed how we use the space and spend time together as a family. From the design consultation all the way to the installation, we really felt that Et Lorem understood us and our vision, turning our dream into a reality.
James Jackson

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