It’s no secret that at Et Lorem we believe the kitchen really is the identity of the home. But your home is much more than the sum of its interiors. Nowadays, your outdoor space is just as important. This means that outdoor kitchens merit just as much thought, time and planning as their indoor counterparts.

In partnership with FÒGHER, we specialise in creating outdoor kitchens that are tailor-made to suit your lifestyle, vision and personal taste. FÒGHER luxury outdoor kitchens combine superior Italian design with professional standard performance. They are also an ideal way to maximise your outdoor space and enhance your entertaining options.

Function and Form

With FÒGHER, there is no compromise between function and form. In fact, their made-to-measure modular system features a comprehensive range of appliances and high-quality materials, for an unrivalled al fresco experience.

Outdoor kitchens have very specific requirements. They need to be more durable than indoor kitchens, and feature specialist weather-resistant materials that can withstand rain, wind, salinity, and both high and low temperatures. So, granite/quartz countertops and wooden cabinetry – all popular options for indoor kitchens – are less suitable for exterior settings.

It’s vital to choose durable hard-wearing materials for your outdoor kitchen

Durable, hard-wearing materials that can withstand impact, extreme temperatures and corrosion, such as stainless steel and stone, are the best options for outdoor kitchens. After all, your choices should be easy to clean and maintain. Thankfully, FÒGHER luxury kitchens feature materials that offer longevity in all weather conditions. For example, surfaces are made from stainless steel or porcelain stoneware, and FÒGHER only uses powder-coated paint that has been specially developed for exterior applications. FÒGHER outdoor kitchens also include made-to-measure covers, to provide additional protection from the elements.

The modular advantage with outdoor kitchens

One of the main advantages of FÒGHER outdoor kitchens is their modular system. This allows complete freedom of configuration, to accommodate the space and set-up needs of every individual customer. Each element, from appliances to furniture and accessories, can be combined to create a bespoke outdoor living solution that takes into account available space, design tastes and functionality requirements.

In addition to upscale gas barbecues and charcoal cooking systems, the FÒGHER portfolio includes outdoor sinks, fridges, hobs, worktops and cabinets. And if your needs change, you can adapt FÒGHER’s ultra-versatile modular system in order to expand and upgrade your original design selections.



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