June 9, 2023
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Et Lorem progresses to ‘Carbon Measured’ on sustainability journey

Et Lorem progresses to ‘Carbon Measured’ on sustainability journey

From the beginning at Et Lorem, we knew we wanted to be mindful of our impact on the environment- we also knew it wouldn’t be easy. We had a lot to learn on the subject as a whole but we decided to put a stake in the ground as to what we were trying to achieve. Whilst setting up the company, considerate and sustainable choices were made regarding everything from the products used in the studio, to waste management strategies. In 2022 we took this further and made the pledge to become Carbon Neutral by 2025 and Net Zero by 2030.

Having submitted our data for scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the project, for which the figures have been analysed, we now have a “Carbon Measured” status. Being Carbon Measured is an important step in the progression of this project, as it means that we can now determine carbon reduction opportunities for Et Lorem and share our findings with the industry.

We acknowledge that we are still in the early stages of our journey and our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing effort

It requires continuous learning and adaptation. We understand that achieving Carbon Measured status is just the first step and now the hard work begins, to reduce our impact on the environment.

“By setting ambitious targets and continuing to learn and innovate, we are confident that we can make meaningful progress toward a more sustainable future,” Jamie Harding, Managing Director at Et Lorem, explained. “We believe that every small step we take can make a significant impact and we are excited to share our journey with our clients, stakeholders, and the wider community. We are learning more every day.”

“Our clients care deeply about sustainability, and we believe that our commitment to Net Zero will resonate with them,” continued Jamie. “We are excited to continue to explore innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment, while delivering the exceptional kitchen and living spaces our customers have come to expect.”

We hope to inspire our peers and suppliers to join us in this journey towards sustainability. We invite them to learn with us and take steps to reduce their own carbon footprint. Together, we can have a positive impact and create a more sustainable future for the kitchen industry.

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