Outdoor Kitchens

FÒGHER outdoor kitchens combine professional standard performance for barbecuing, grilling, baking and smoking, with outstanding Italian design.

Both simple to use and to maintain, FÒGHER outdoor kitchens create an unrivalled cooking experience, that sits beautifully in your outdoor space.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Your outdoor kitchen can be designed in endless ways to suit your garden, deck or terrace.

Every element of the collection is modular, allowing total freedom of layout configuration. Each of the modules and dedicated accessories, are designed to create solutions able to meet your space, design taste and functionality requirements equally.

Once your order is placed, your kitchen will be configured just for you. Once delivered, your kitchen is installed by an expert team in just one day.

A Sustainable Approach

Built using high quality, 100% recyclable stainless steel, the FÒGHER outdoor kitchen is extremely durable and will last the test of time.

Gas consumption with FÒGHER is very limited: each of the burners consumes only 2.5 Kw/h whilst still guaranteeing exceptional results without waste.
Maximum fuel use is only  necessary when cooking pizzas and breads but with extremely fast cook times, the usage of fuel is reduced.

Visit Et Lorem for your perfect outdoor kitchen design

There are endless possibilities in the ways you can configure your outdoor kitchen with FÒGHER. One of the most popular designs can be viewed at the Et Lorem studio in Reading. Our team can help you configure your outdoor kitchen to suit your cooking style and sit perfectly in your outside space.

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