Outdoor Kitchens


It’s no secret that at Et Lorem we believe the kitchen really is the identity of the home. But your home is much more than the sum of its interiors. Nowadays, your outdoor space is just as important. This means that outdoor kitchens merit just as much thought, time and planning as their indoor counterparts.

In partnership with FÒGHER, we specialise in creating bespoke outdoor kitchens that are tailor-made to suit your lifestyle, vision and personal taste. We understand that our clientele is seeking a sophisticated outdoor living experience that far surpasses the typical British barbecue. In fact, FÒGHER luxury outdoor kitchens combine superior Italian design with professional standard performance. They are also an ideal way to maximise your outdoor space and enhance your entertaining options.

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the UK’s most popular home improvement projects, as more and more people embrace al fresco dining and entertaining.

Function and form

An indoor kitchen is designed to fit into a precise interior space. However, outdoor kitchens incorporate scope for a more open, versatile layout. Importantly, with FÒGHER, there is no compromise between function and form. In fact, their made-to-measure modular system features a comprehensive range of appliances and high-quality materials, for an unrivalled al fresco experience.

Outdoor kitchens have very specific requirements. They need to be more durable than indoor kitchens, and feature specialist weather-resistant materials that can withstand rain, wind, salinity, and both high and low temperatures. So, granite/quartz countertops and wooden cabinetry – all popular options for indoor kitchens – are less suitable for exterior settings.

An inviting outdoor kitchen nestled in a serene natural setting. The outdoor kitchen features a well-equipped cooking area with a sleek grill, spacious countertops, and a sink. Comfortable seating arrangements and ambient lighting create a cosy atmosphere, while the surrounding.

It’s vital to choose durable hard-wearing materials for your outdoor kitchen

Durable, hard-wearing materials that can withstand impact, extreme temperatures and corrosion, such as stainless steel and stone, are the best options for outdoor kitchens. After all, your choices should be easy to clean and maintain. Thankfully, FÒGHER luxury kitchens feature materials that offer longevity in all weather conditions. For example, surfaces are made from stainless steel or porcelain stoneware, and FÒGHER only uses powder-coated paint that has been specially developed for exterior applications. FÒGHER outdoor kitchens also include made-to-measure covers, to provide additional protection from the elements.

An expansive outdoor kitchen set against a picturesque backdrop. The kitchen area is furnished with modern appliances including a grill, sink, and countertop. The space is adorned by a pergola. Lush greenery and sunlight complete the inviting outdoor culinary space.

Planning & preparation for outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens require careful planning. The process starts with assessing the outdoor space available. Our project management team will consider the existing layout, and how a specific kitchen space will fit within your overall outdoor living area or patio. Our expert design team can also help clients who are having the garden landscaped as part of their outdoor kitchen project. We also know how to maximise compact outdoor spaces – you don’t need a huge garden to enjoy an outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen bathed in sunlight, offering a serene view of a lush, green garden. The kitchen area is equipped with modern appliances, a grill, and a sink. The garden blooms with lush greenery, creating a picturesque and tranquil setting on a sunny day.

Outdoor kitchens require careful planning. In addition to selecting the actual appliances, our expert team can help you incorporate the necessary space for preparation, cooking and dining

However big or small, it’s important to include enough space for preparation, cooking and dining. Don’t overlook storage either. In fact, it’s vital to plan where your outdoor kitchen cooking utensils, ingredients and cleaning supplies will go. We can help you create a range of storage solutions, combining both cabinets and shelving options.

An outdoor kitchen featuring a pizza stone grill, where a delicious pizza cooks to perfection. The grill is adorned with the pizza stone, topped with a sizzling pizza adorned with savory toppings. The scene is set against a backdrop of nature, with the warm glow of the grill and the anticipation of a delectable meal creating an inviting atmosphere.

Appliance selection

You use your indoor kitchen for year-round cooking, and usually require the capacity to offer a wide variety of cooking techniques. With outdoor kitchens, the focus is on barbecues, grills, smokers, outdoor refrigerators and pizza ovens. So, our experienced design team can help you select the exact number and type of appliances your outdoor space requires.

FÒGHER’s portfolio incorporates two key types of cooking systems: gas cooking and natural cooking. We can also assess access needs to utilities such as gas, electricity and water. And we can plan for the appropriate plumbing and utility connections for all appliances, including outdoor sinks and fridge options.

An idyllic outdoor kitchen nestled alongside a sparkling swimming pool. The kitchen boasts contemporary appliances, a grill, sink, and countertop. Relaxing sun loungers offer comfort. The scene is one of leisure and luxury, with the glistening water and well-equipped kitchen creating a perfect outdoor oasis.

The modular advantage with outdoor kitchens

One of the main advantages of FÒGHER outdoor kitchens is their modular system. This allows complete freedom of configuration, to accommodate the space and set-up needs of every individual customer. Each element, from appliances to furniture and accessories, can be combined to create a bespoke outdoor living solution that takes into account available space, design tastes and functionality requirements.

A man joyfully preparing lunch in a garden oasis at an outdoor kitchen. He tends to a sizzling grill while a glass of wine sits nearby. Surrounded by lush greenery and bathed in sunlight, the scene exudes relaxation and culinary delight, offering a perfect blend of nature, gastronomy, and leisure.

FÒGHER outdoor kitchens feature a versatile modular system, which allows complete freedom of configuration

In addition to upscale gas barbecues and charcoal cooking systems, the FÒGHER portfolio includes outdoor sinks, fridges, hobs, worktops and cabinets. And if your needs change, you can adapt FÒGHER’s ultra-versatile modular system in order to expand and upgrade your original design selections.

An outdoor kitchen sink with a sleek design and modern fixtures. The sink is nestled within a countertop and surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors. It exudes functionality and style, providing a convenient space for food preparation and clean-up in an outdoor culinary setting

FÒGHER’s cooking system options

FÒGHER’s outdoor kitchens offer two key types of cooking systems: gas cooking and natural cooking, both of which can be used to serve up perfectly prepared meat, vegetables, fish dishes, pizza – and even desserts.

The FÒGHER outdoor kitchen collection not only includes barbecues and grills. You can also incorporate outdoor sinks, fridges, hobs, worktops and cabinets into your bespoke design.

An outdoor kitchen featuring a closed BBQ lid, enabling slow roasting perfection. The grill emits a subtle wisp of smoke, adding to the anticipation of a mouthwatering meal. The scene is set against the backdrop of nature, creating an atmosphere of outdoor culinary expertise and flavourful anticipation.

Clients who prefer gas can choose either the FGA free-standing gas barbecue, for maximum versatility, or the FGB built-in barbecue. The low lid option features a clean, minimalist design for direct cooking whereas the high lid version allows direct, indirect, slow/low and even oven-style cooking.

Natural cooking aficionados will enjoy FÒGHER’s smoker – perfect for low-temperature charcoal cooking. Other options include FÒGHER’s outdoor fireplace, which incorporates direct grilling and a rotisserie option. If you’re unsure which to choose, our specialist team will be happy to advise.

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